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Suppressors and Accessories
At Frontiersman we carry just about every firearms accessory imaginable. We stock a complete line of cleaning and maintenance supplies, targets, and new and used magazines of all types and sizes.  

We offer the largest selection of Bianchi holsters available anywhere.

Hogue custom grips and Crimson Trace Laser Grips.

Uncle Mikes Holsters.
Now Available

Extremely LOUD and POWERFUL!

1/2, 1, 2 &4 pound sizes

5, 10 and 20 pound bulk

New shipment: 
.22LR/Pistol EXPLODING TARGETS!  These are BAD ASS!!  

Mini 10-pack- louder than an M-80!

1/2 pound Rimfire Magnum- AMAZING!

Tannerite Goliath .22LR exploding targets

Shockwave .22LR exploding target 3-packs

So much fun, we are amazed they are still 100% legal!

Get them while you can, and at the same price or cheaper as available online and you WON'T have to pay shipping charges!

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Frontiersman Sports

6925 Wayzata Blvd

St Louis Park, MN 55426

Phone: 952-544-3775

Fax: 952-544-8309 
New and used shotgun barrels and choke tubes.

AR-15 style rifle accessories.

Minnesota's (newly legal) SUPPRESSOR headquarters! (silencers)

Gun Vault Handgun Safes.

Full line of soft and hard gun cases including Bulldog, Browning, SKB (TSA-approved), and many more.

Stun guns and Tasers IN STOCK.

This is just a mere sampling of the accessories we stock.  Call or stop in, we will have what you are looking for, and if we don't have it in stock, we can get it for you!  

Shop with us ONLINE and browse thousands of products, INCLUDING GUNS, from anywhere with internet access!
Inventory shown is EITHER from stock in our store OR is available from stock at the warehouse. Prices may vary slightly between current store stock and warehouse stock. Items coming from the warehouse may take a few extra days to obtain in some cases. 

Silencers became legal for civilian ownership on 7/1/15. We have over 50 IN STOCK NOW!  We are also accepting special orders for ALL brands. We are stocking several brands- plus a few more will be available soon. Prices start at only $199!

SALE! 10 to 20% off all IN STOCK SILENCERS!
(Sale ends soon, in stock items only)


                                                                                    Innovative Arms Apex Micro .22LR suppressor $235

Innovative Arms Lex 9mm $528                                                    Innovative Arms Shepherd .45ACP $550

Innovative Arms Grunt Mini 5.56/.223 $528.00                   Innovative Arms LDSP 7.62- .223/5.56 through 300WM 
              IN STOCK NOW                                                        Multi caliber capable- Starting at $572 IN STOCK NOW

 Integrally suppressed S&W M&P 15-22 complete rifle $979.00


Silencerco Omega multi caliber silencers IN STOCK
Silencerco Octane .45 HD IN STOCK On sale for $716
Silencerco Osprey 45K ON SALE for $674
Ruger Silent-SR .22 silencers IN STOCK NOW SUPER SALE PRICE $279
Silencerco Hybrid multi-caliber IN STOCK
Osprey Micro .22 IN STOCK ON SALE FOR $441
Gemtech Ruger 10/22 integrally suppressed barrels IN STOCK
And MANY more- at least 50 in stock!

More suppressors and accessories are arriving each week!


Innovative Arms Grunt Mini and LDSP 7.62 on full auto M4 shot with 5.56mm Milsurp ball ammo

Innovative Arms Apex Micro .22 LR on S&W M&P-22 shot with common high-velocity .22LR ammo (standard velocity/subsonic .22LR ammo is much quieter)

Innovative Arms LDSP 7.62 on POF .308 AR shot with milsurp ball ammo

Current ATF approval wait times now average from 3 to 6 months for both trust and individual transfers.

We have the equipment to handle your entire 
ATF Form 4 transfer paperwork for silencers, machine guns, SBRs, DDs, and AOWs In-store. This includes fingerprinting!  And the police chief signature IS NO LONGER REQUIRED for any transfers!!!! (as of 7/13/16)

Contact us directly for a COMPLETE list with prices for all Innovative Arms products. Please visit their site: INNOVATIVE ARMS They make excellent cans at very reasonable prices, and they offer a great warranty and outstanding customer service!

As always, we also do NFA transfers for customers who find it necessary to order a NFA item (suppressor/SBR/DD/MG/AOW) online, or from a source in another state. Our NFA transfer fee will apply to all suppressors ordered from elsewhere (except Silencer Shop). We DO NOT charge a transfer fee for any NFA purchases made directly from us or through Silencer Shop. Our pricing on all suppressors is no higher than all of the manufacturer's MAP pricing (minimum advertised price). We never charge MSRP. Please take this into consideration when shopping online, after shipping cost (when applicable) and the local transfer fee, in almost every instance you will not get a better deal buying online, and you can actually inspect and handle your can prior to purchase when buying from us.

We are stocking the most popular suppressor accessories-
Threaded barrels for the most popular pistols and rifles, thread adapters and pistons for the most popular suppressors, and more. Also our gunsmith can thread barrels for use with suppressors, as well as remove pinned and welded AR muzzle brakes (as long as it does not result in the barrel measuring less than 16").

Recent ATF ruling changed the NFA transfer process significantly. Good news and bad news...

Main points- Beginning July 13, 2016 all trust transfers will require fingerprints and photographs for ALL persons listed in the trust.  Second and actually GOOD NEWS- Individual NFA transfers will NO LONGER require the CLEO (police chief) signoff.  Fingerprints and photographs will still be required, and only a copy of the transfer paperwork will be required to be mailed to the transferee's local CLEO.  This takes away the reason most people use a trust for transfers- to avoid the CLEO signoff!  

There are many reputable attorneys which can assist you in forming a simple NFA trust.
A good local option is the Law Office of Kyle Pettersen-Scott. Here is a link to their website: Kyle Pettersen-Scott

 Also there are a number of other options which can be found on the internet. Some are good, some not so much.  

We have received excellent feedback from persons within the industry regarding the trust service Silencerco offers. We highly recommend you check them out as well, and the price is right!

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