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At Frontiersman we carry more calibers of ammunition than anyone else in town.  With well over 100 unique calibers in stock, we are sure to have what you are looking for.  We specialize in self-defense, hunting, target, and military surplus ammo.  We ALWAYS have a good supply of ammo even during the sporadic nationwide ammo shortages.  Also we can special order many brands of unique and custom ammo to fit your needs.  Our prices are extremely competitive; don’t buy your ammo at the range…

Also available at Frontiersman is a full line of

FN 5.7mm ammo in stock:
SS197 40gr (IN STOCK)
SS195 28gr HP (IN STOCK)
SS192 28gr (out)
Federal 5.7x28 (out)

.30 Carbine military ammo
On strippers with chargers, boxed, and loose bulk. Lake City mfr. and newly made commercial brands.

.22 Hornet ammo in stock

7.5 French ammo
(good supply, in stock)

Spanish 9mm Largo ammo in 25 round boxes small supply IN STOCK

Nice, clean 150gr non-corrosive Spanish surplus brass cased .308 ammo. 3000fps $12.95/box. Berdan primed and reloadable. (in stock)

Light armor piercing 7.62x39 (with steel core penetrator bullet) on 10-round SKS stripper clips.
1966 Combloc military production
Limited supply IN STOCK

7.65x54 Argentine- brass cased in stock- good supply

.303 British ammo in stock

Hard to find boxed 7.35mm Carcano ON CLIPS in stock

30-06 armor piercing ammo US military in stock

30-06 military blank ammo in stock

Hard to find 6.5mm Carcano ammo ON CLIPS in stock

Rare 7.65mm Mannlicher pistol ammo- small supply in stock.

New mfr. and surplus 7.62x25 Tokarev ammo back in stock!

Small lot of WWII Nazi German produced 8mm Mauser in original boxes and in bulk packs in stock  (collectible and shootable)

Nazi German WWII production 8x56R on clips in original boxes in stock (small supply)

Nice shooter grade 8x56R in 10 round packs

Hard to find; nice, clean, shootable 8mm Lebel in 10 round packs IN STOCK

7mm Mauser milsurp, good supply in stock

7.5 Swiss military ammo. Brass-cased modern ammo and at a super price! Excellent supply on hand

7.62x39 nice Brass cased mid 1990's non corrosive military ammo.

5.56 Nato tracer ammo Lake City production (in stock)

.50BMG ammo In stock

Cowboy action calibers
In stock, including .45 Colt

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Frontiersman Sports

6925 Wayzata Blvd

St Louis Park, MN 55426

Phone: 952-544-3775

Fax: 952-544-8309
reloading supplies.  We stock bullets in most popular calibers, reloading dies, reloading equipment and related supplies, primers, and every powder available INCLUDING BLACK POWDER.  NEW SUPPLY OF BLACK POWDER ARRIVING SOON!!

Now available! EXPLODING Targets!  We stock 1/2, 1, and 2-pound exploding rifle targets.  Also available are 5, 10 and 20 pound bulk sizes for the advanced user. 

Also available NOW, EXPLODING .22LR/Pistol targets!  Available in two sizes; 10-pack small (2x louder than an M-80), and HUGE 1/2 pounders which are as loud as DYNAMITE!

Sure-Shot brand- SAME PRICE or CHEAPER than available ONLINE and you WON'T PAY SHIPPING CHARGES buying from us! (same quality as Tannerite brand)

Stock up while we still have a good selection. We also sell waterproof green cannon fuse!  FRESH SHIPMENT JUST ARRIVED!- Including new .22LR sensitive exploding targets

100 round Beta drum mags for AR-15 rifles- under $150!

SHOP WITH US ONLINE- Browse thousands of items (including guns) and buy from us from anywhere with internet access! Items available EITHER from our existing store stock OR directly from our WAREHOUSE. Note- our online system prices may vary from existing store stock prices in some cases due to market fluctuation. CLICK HERE


GOOD SUPPLY OF 7.62x51mm (.308) M80 ball in stock. 150gr FMJ, brass/reloadable, new production.  Plus several brands of milsurp and other 7.62 Nato at LOW PRICES, some as low as $.50 per round.

Many brands and types of .223/5.56mm ammo in stock now. Prices start as low as $6.99 per 20 round box! Brass/reloadable .223/5.56mm starting at under $8 per box!

Good supply of rifle, pistol, and shotgun primers IN STOCK
Also in stock- bulk shot and plenty of smokeless powder.

Self defense ammo available in most calibers

Popular target/range ammo on the shelves UPDATED 3/24/15: We have more calibers than listed here in stock as well...

.17HMR (good supply)
.22 Short- IN STOCK (quantity limits apply)
.22LR ALWAYS IN STOCK- quantity limits apply
.22WMR (22MAG) In stock- quantity limits apply
FN 5.7x28 SS197 and SS195 (In stock, limit two)
7.62x25 (fair supply)
.380ACP (in stock)
9mm Makarov (good supply)
9mm Luger (Good supply- limit 2 boxes per customer)
9mm Largo (fair supply)
38 Super (good supply)
40S&W (Excellent supply)
45ACP (Excellent supply)
.357 Sig in stock
10mm in stock
.357MAG In Stock
.45 Colt (good supply)
TONS of .223/5.56mm (many brands- starting at under $.35/rd)
.30 Carbine IN STOCK
.300AAC (small supply)
5.45x39mm good supply
6.5 Carcano ON CLIPS (fair supply)
7.35 Carcano ON CLIPS (fair supply)
7mm Mauser milsurp (good supply)
7.5 French (fair supply)
7.5 Swiss (good supply)
7.62x39mm excellent supply
7.62x39 Armor Piercing (small supply)
7.62x54R excellent supply
.308/7.62x51mm (excellent supply, as low as $.45/rd.)
30-06 in stock
7.7 JAP- small quantity in stock
.50BMG (good supply, multiple brands)
Good supply of hunting ammo and shotgun shells
and much more...

We are limiting some ammo purchases to one or two BOXES per customer in order to ensure others get the opportunity to purchase some as well. (Depends on current stock)
This includes .22LR- we are not interested in selling out of stock instantly, we want ALL of our customers to have the opportunity to purchase some to actually SHOOT.  If you are looking to buy .22 in bulk for resale for profit or to hoard it- Please try your luck at other retailers...

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