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Used Guns
At Frontiersman Sports we offer a huge inventory of used guns.  With well over 1000 used guns on hand every day, we are sure to have something for you!    Stop by often as inventory changes daily.  We also accept special requests and can notify you when a particular used gun you are seeking comes in.

In order to maintain our vast used gun inventory, we are always BUYING used guns.  We pay the highest prices for used guns in town.  Don’t get ripped off by a pawn shop or by our other competition!
Collector's Corner
(And other cool
used stuff)
UPDATED 11/21/14


Barrett Model 82A1/M107CQ semi-auto .50BMG cal rifle with 20" barrel. Includes high-end Swarovski Habicht 6-24x50 scope.  Also includes nice, light, and easy to transport soft case.  Gun fits in case and is transported FULLY ASSEMBLED!  (unlike the long-barrel M82A1)  Excellent condition overall and priced $1000s less than a new one!  This one won't last long...

Remington 11-48 shotgun in .410GAx3". Skeet choked and VR barrel. 95%+ condition and all original.

Remington 11-48 shotgun in 28GA. Skeet choked, VR barrel. 95+% condition and all original.

Springfield Armory mfr. US Model 1903 rifle in 30-06. Not re-barreled, 1933 manufacture.  Very nice bore.

High condition Winchester Model 1873 rifle made in 1889 (antique). 44-40 caliber, 24" octagon barrel.  Most of the original blued finish remains (80+%).  8+ out of 10 bore.  Very nice wood.  Excellent mechanical condition.  Highly collectible condition!  Will likely be offered at auction soon, but this rifle is available for INSPECTION at our shop NOW! (NOW ON HOLD)

Scarce Marlin Model 1888 in 32-20 caliber, top-ejecting rifle. Made in 1889.  Of the only 4800 of this model made, only 1298 were in 32-20 caliber. This one retains about 80+% of the original blued finish and has an EXCELLENT like-new bore and EXCELLENT wood with almost all the original finish remaining.

Mint/unfired Finnish Sako/Valmet M76 rifle in 5.56mm.  Pre-ban (pre 1989 import).  Includes original owner's manual and one original mag.  Scarce and highly collectible. 

1920s Mauser "Guild Rifle". Excellent condition, nice engraving, double set trigger. Octagon Krupp-made barrel, 9mm Mauser caliber.  Includes early/period Hensoldt scope with claw mount.  Overall a very nice example of a higher end Guild gun- which is NOT a reworked former military rifle.  Also we have 9mm Mauser caliber ammo available for this gun.

Scarce, antique Remington Elliot's Patent 5-shot pepper box style derringer (5 barrels).  .22 Short caliber (black powder), 1860's/1870's manufacture date.  Rare nickel finish, walnut grips. Original finish is mostly intact (80+/-%). Decent bores with excellent rifling still present.  The gun is fully operational. (NOW ON HOLD)

Nice Scarce Polytech/Chinese AK "Hunter" rifle in 7.62x39. Pre 1994 ban import.  Darker wood, nice plum blue receiver finish, milled receiver. 386 factory marked.  All the classic Polytech features.  Excellent condition.

Two (now banned from further importation) Russian Saiga .410 shotguns.

Multiple (now banned from further importation) Russian Saiga rifles.  .223, .308, 7.62x39.  New and used guns available.

Cobray Street Sweeper 12GA high-capacity revolving shotgun. DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE- transfers to buyer similar to how machineguns and short barreled rifles do. 100% civilian LEGAL in MINNESOTA.

Springfield M1A .308. National Match.

Star Model C 9mm Largo pistol with ammo.

Mauser Model 1914 .32ACP WWI production (WWII bringback) with original holster.  Excellent condition.

Winchester Model 1894 in 25-35 caliber. Made in 1899.

Marlin Model 1893 in 30-30 cal. Made in 1899.

Marlin Model 94 in 32-20 cal.
Approx. 1910 manufacture.

Rare Beretta Silver Pigeon SL-2 (Silver Pigeon Pump) 12ga. shotgun. Excellent condition.

Rock Island Arsenal mfr. "Springfield" US Model of 1903 rifle, 30-06.  100% original and correct, not rebuilt or refinished, very early gun circa 1906, serial number 5X,XXX (dates to 1906).  RIA marked barrel is dated 3/07.  CORRECT first type stock NO CROSS BOLTS, high wood, smooth buttplate. CORRECT early style RIA bolt. Original RIA 1908 dated sling attached. Original nickel oiler/cleaning kit in stock compartment. Decent bore, very good++/fine finish condition, no rust, no pitting. Probably a guard or reserve gun that never experienced any wartime service?  Very scarce and highly collectible!  (AVAILABLE FOR INSPECTION AND REASONABLE OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED. WILL BE OFFERED AT AUCTION SOON- Watch for this one to appear on Gunbroker in the coming week.

Several M91/30 and M44 Carbine Mosin Nagant rifles in 7.62x54R. CLEAN- not covered in cosmoline and full of goo like the ones found at the other retailers!  Most with accessories including bayonet, ammo pouches, etc. Hex and round receivers available. Several with nice laminated stocks.  Excellent- arsenal refinished condition. (Will these also be banned from further importation like the other Russian guns recently were?)

Multiple SKS rifles, various countries of manufacture. 

FN Model 1910 .32ACP pistol with holster and 2 original mags.

Multiple Intratec Tec-9 9mm pistols

WWII German Army Officer's dress sword. Panther head design, solid brass hilt.  Excellent condition, mint blade. Includes scabbard.

Nice Antonio Zoli O/U 20ga shotgun, highly ornate engraving, case colored receiver, dual triggers.

Marlin Model 92 rifle in .32 RF/CF. Circa 1911.

New in the box CZ-70 pistols in .32ACP. Each includes new shoulder holster. Very similar to the Walther PP, these are excellent little pistols!

HK/Century C93 rifle in .223 cal.

Multiple Desert Eagle pistols in .44MAG and .50AE calibers. Including a rare gold tiger stripe finished .44mag

Many new and used AK-47 pattern rifles

Multiple Belgian Browning A-5 12ga shotguns.

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We buy ALL TYPES of used guns.  This includes antiques, military and war relics, modern guns of every type, even machine guns (as long as they are legally registered).  If you need some extra cash, inherited some unwanted guns from a relative, or just want to trade up to something else, bring us your used guns and receive a fair and honest evaluation.  You will be glad you did!




We buy WWII war trophies and vet bring-back items too!  Daggers, swords, medals, uniforms, field gear, etc.  German/Italian/Japanese-(Incl. Nihonto).

We have 1586 used guns in stock right now
                      Sorry- just too many to list each and every one here...



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