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Used Guns
At Frontiersman Sports we offer a huge inventory of used guns.  With well over 1000 used guns on hand every day, we are sure to have something for you!    Stop by often as inventory changes daily.  We also accept special requests and can notify you when a particular used gun you are seeking comes in.

In order to maintain our vast used gun inventory, we are always BUYING used guns.  We pay the highest prices for used guns in town.  Don’t get ripped off by a pawn shop or by our other competition!
Collector's Corner
(And other cool 
used stuff) 
Also check out our Gunbroker auctions. We don't always have auctions running, but we often sell collectible guns and other unique or overstock items there.

Click here for our current Gunbroker auctions

UPDATED 2/12/18

And we need even more, bring in your used guns today for CASH ON THE SPOT!

NEW Ruger 10/22 bullpup semi auto rifle in .22LR (identical to a FN PS90 rifle). INTEGRALLY SUPPRESSED, with Gemtech 10/22 suppressed barrel and 25-round mag. The coolest Ruger 10/22 you have ever seen! Only $859

Available now in-store:

Scarce Swiss Schmidt Rubin Model 1911 Carbine in 7.5x55.

Nice Yugo M48 8mm Mauser rifle

Pre Civil War Smith Carbine .50cal. Antique

Colt Lightning Carbine in .22 cal. Ca. 1902

Gorgeous vintage Remington 1100 Skeet-B 12 GA shotgun.

Colt LW Sporter AR-15 rifle in 7.62x39

NEW (but previously owned) FN Five-Seven 5.7x28 caliber pistol. Mint, new in box, only $999!

Colt Python .357 revolver. Blued finish, 4" barrel. Priced UNDER $2000 (now on hold)

Scarce Marlin Camp 9 9mm semi-auto carbine. Excellent/like-new, with 2 mags.

WWII "Last Ditch" Japanese Type 99 Arisaka rifle.

Multiple SKS rifles

WWII Nazi German Luftwaffe Leather belt with original Luftwaffe logo buckle. Nice condition, highly collectible.

WWII Nazi German Luftwaffe gravity knife by SMF Solingen. 

Several AK-47 pattern rifles- Arsenal SLR-95 and pre-AWB SA-93 (milled receivers), NDS, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian SA-85M (pre '94 ban), Czech VZ 2008, etc..

Several original WWI military helmets including German and French issue.

Many used AR-15 pattern rifles in .223/5.56. Starting at well under $500

Russian Saiga rifles.  .223, .308, 7.62x39.  New and used guns available.

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Frontiersman Sports

6925 Wayzata Blvd

St Louis Park, MN 55426

Phone: 952-544-3775

Fax: 952-544-8309 
We buy ALL TYPES of used guns.  This includes antiques, military and war relics, modern guns of every type, even machine guns (as long as they are legally registered).  If you need some extra cash, inherited some unwanted guns from a relative, or just want to trade up to something else, bring us your used guns and receive a fair and honest evaluation.  You will be glad you did!




We buy WWII war trophies and vet bring-back items too!  Daggers, swords, medals, uniforms, field gear, etc.  German/Italian/Japanese-(Incl. old Samurai swords). 

We have 1332 used guns in stock right now 
                       Sorry- just too many to list each and every one here...

ALL used .40 caliber pistols on sale for 10% off
ALL used .45ACP caliber pistols on sale for 10% off

We offer a full 90 day warranty on used guns!
(Visit store for details and conditions)

Exclusive (online) consignment service available for exceptional, high-end firearms. Receive top market value for your highly valuable firearms!  Guaranteed sale, guaranteed 30-days (or less) timeframe.
Note- this service is only available for exceptional, valuable firearms worth in excess of $2000. We do not consign typical, mainstream firearms, rather we will pay you cash TODAY for those guns!
Speak to Kory or Jesse for more information and details of our contract terms for consigning your exceptional guns.

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